Stefano Francione



Born in 1963; he followed classical studies in Genova before going to the medical Faculty in the same town.

After the medical Degree, in 1988, he started the specification in Clinical Neurophysiology, always in Genova, and completed it in 1991.

Immediately after the specification he joined Claudio Munari and his newly formed Epilepsy Surgery team in Grenoble, France, where he spent the following 3 years. During the period in Grenoble he got completely absorbed in Epilepsy Surgery and became a specialist in the pre-surgical diagnosis of partial epileptic patients paying particular attention to all the non-invasive pre-surgical diagnostic techniques and in SEEG as the main invasive diagnostic methodology. In 1996, after a 2 years period in Genova where he set up a Video-EEG monitoring laboratory, he definitively joined the Claudio Munari Epilepsy Surgery Centre in Milano where is still working.

In Milano he continued his activity in Epilepsy Surgery dealing with all the aspects of the presurgical diagnosis and deepening his expertise also in functional neuroimaging aspects.

Beside his clinical activity he contributed to many scientific publications in the field and played also an important role in multiple, italian and international, didactical initiatives.

In particular, since 2013 is co-director of the “International SEEG Course” a teaching program about Stereo-EEG methodology which started in 2010 and is now established in 3 continents (Europe, North-America and Asia) with annual editions.

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