Pavel Krsek

Professor Pavel Kršek, M.D., Ph.D.
Born: March 26th, 1972 in Počátky, Czech Republic


1990–1996 1st Medical School, Charles University in Prague
1996–1999 Ph.D. study in Neuroscience, 2nd Medical School, Charles University in Prague

Professional History:
1996–1999 Department of Developmental Epileptology, Institute of Physiology, Academy of Sciences
of the Czech Republic, Prague (Ph.D. student, basic scientist)
Since 1999 Department of Paediatric Neurology, 2nd Medical School, Charles University and Motol
University Hospital, Prague (physician, since 2001 Assistant Professor, since 2008 Associate
Professor, since 2008 head of Electrophysiological laboratory, since 2015 Professor, since 2017 head
of the department)

2001 Ph.D. thesis in neuroscience
2002 Board exam from neurology
2005 Board exam from paediatric neurology
2007 Associate professor thesis from neurology
2015 Professor thesis from neurology

Czech League Against Epilepsy (threasurer from 2015)
International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE); member of „Surgical Commission“ and „Diagnostic
Methods Commission“ (2013-2017)
Czech Society of Paediatric Neurology (scientific secretary from 2011, head of society from 2016)
European Paediatric Neurology Society (EPNS); member of EPNS Board from 2017
Czech Neurological Society
Czech Neurophysiological Society (member of EEG Commission from 2014)

2008 Marcus Marci Prize of the Czech League Against Epilepsy for the best publication in epileptology
2010 Czech Minister of Health Prize for the best grant project completed in 2010
2001 Department of Clinical Neurophysiology, Instituut voor Epilepsiebestrijding Meer en Bosch/De
Cruquiushoeve, Heemstede, The Netherlands (2 months)
2005 Neuropediatric Clinic and Clinic for Neurorehabilitation, Behandlungszenstrum Vogtareuth,
Germany (2 months)
2006-2007 (6 months), 2010 (1 month) and 2012 (2 months) Brain Institute, Miami Children’s
Hospital, Florida, USA
2015 Department of Neurology, Great Ormond Street Hospital, London, UK (2 weeks)

Recent grant projects:
1. 2011-2015 principal investigator of the Grant of the Czech Ministry of Health NT/13357-4
“Defining epileptogenicity markers in tuberous sclerosis and improvement in epilepsy
2. Since 2012 principal investigator of the Grant of Ministry of Health, Czech Republic -
conceptual development of research organization, University Hospital Motol, Prague,Czech
Republic 00064203 (Dpt. of Pediatric Neurology)
3. 2012-2014 principal investigator of the AKTION 66p3 „Dynamic 31P MR spectroscopy using
MR ergometers“
4. 2012-2015 principal investigator of IGA NT13357 „ Defining epileptogenicity markers in
tuberous sclerosis and improvement in epilepsy surgery “
5. Since 2012 principal investigator of the MZ ČR – RVO, FN v Motole 00064203-6005 „Early
diagnostics and treatment of neurological disorders in children“
6. Since 2013 leader of the national team of the FP7-HEALTH-2013-INNOVATION-1 602391
„Long-term, prospective study evaluating clinical and molecular biomarkers of
epileptogenesis in a genetic model of epilepsy – tuberous sclerosis complex (EPISTOP)“
7. Since 2015 principal investigator of the AZV 15-30456A „Preventing motor deficits after
resective epilepsy surgery in children“
8. Since 2015 collaborator of the AZV NV15-33041A „Massive parallel sequencing of genes
related to infantile epilepsies and epileptic encephalopathies for diagnostics of epilepsy in
Czech patients“
9. Since 2015 collaborator of the AZV 15-29835A „Graph-theory approach to complex
orgnization and dynamics of human epileptic networks:implications for epolepsy surgery
planning “
10. Since 2016 collaborator of the AZV 16-31754A „Neuroanatomical background of social and
language deficits: neuroimaging and psychopatology in neurodevelopmental disorders“
11. 2016-2017 collaborator of the GAUK 134415 „Early localizing epileptogenic zone in children
with tuberous sclerosis complex”

Scientific activities:
71 articles in scientific journals inWoS), 15 as the first author, 1109 citations (1048 without
autocitations), 8 publication in SCOPUS, dozens of abstracts in scientific journals with IF and abstract
books, 1 book, 8 chapters in books. H-index = 16. 23 grant projects including 3 international projects.
Five most cited publications (Web of Science):
Krsek P, Maton B, Jayakar P, Dean P, Korman B, Rey G, Dunoyer C, Pacheco-Jacome E, Morrison G,
Ragheb J, Vinters HV, Resnick T, Duchowny M. Incomplete resection of focal cortical dysplasia is the
main predictor of poor postsurgical outcome. Neurology. 2009;72(3):217–223. IF09 = 8.170
Krsek P, Maton B, Korman B, Pacheco-Jacome E, Jayakar P, Dunoyer C, Rey G, Morrison G, Ragheb J,
Vinters HV, Resnick T, Duchowny M. Different features of histopathological subtypes of pediatric
focal cortical dysplasla. Annals of Neurology. 2008;63(6):758–769. IF08 = 9.935
Krsek P, Pieper T, Karlmeier A, Hildebrandt M, Kolodziejczyk D, Winkler P, Pauli E, Bluemcke I,
Holthausen H. Different presurgical characteristics and seizure outcomes in children with focal
cortical dysplasia type I or II. Epilepsia. 2009;50(1):125–137. IF09 = 4.052
Guerrini R, Duchowny M, Jayakar P, Kršek P, Kahane P, Tassi L, Melani F, Polster T, Andre VM, Cepeda
C, Krueger DA, Cross JH, Spreafico R, Cosottini M, Gotman J, Chassoux F, Ryvlin P, Bartolomei F,
Bernasconi A, Stefan H, Miller I, Devaux B, Najm I, Giordano F, Vonck K, Barba C, Blumcke I.
Diagnostic methods and treatment options for focal cortical dysplasia. Epilepsia. 2015;56(11):1669-
86. IF15 = 4.571
Krsek P, Mikulecka A, Druga R, Kubova H, Hlinak Z, Suchomelova L, Mares P. Long-term behavioral
and morphological consequences of nonconvulsive status epilepticus in rats. Epilepsy & Behavior.
2004;5(2):180–191. IF04 = 1.630

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