Berge Minassian


Berge A. Minassian MD is the Jimmy and Elizabeth Wescott Distinguished Chair in Pediatric Neurology at the University of Texas Southwestern.  He directs the Clinical Division of Pediatric Neurology at the university and at the Children's Health hospital in Dallas.  Dr. Minassian also co-directs the Gene Therapy program at the university.  Since most of Pediatric Neurology consists of single gene defect disorders, Dr. Minassian and team are striving to co-build and converge research in gene-based therapies, particularly gene replacement therapy, and clinical and clinician-training programs organized towards rapid translation from preclinical gene-based work to clinical trials.  At this time over 25 different single gene defect neurological disorders are in different stages of development from the lab to the clinic.  These include Lafora disease, arguably the severest of epilepsies and a long-time interest of Dr. Minassian's.

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