Aristea Galanopoulou



Dr Galanopoulou is currently Professor of Neurology and Neuroscience at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Director of the Laboratory of Developmental Epilepsy. She received her MD from the Medical School of Athens (Greece), PhD from McGill University (Canada) and Neurology and Clinical Neurophysiology training from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in Bronx NY. Dr Galanopoulou’s research focuses on elucidating the mechanisms involved in the pathogenesis and identifying new age-, sex, syndrome-specific therapies for seizures and epileptic syndromes that appear early in life, by using age- and syndrome-specific animal models. These studies have identified several promising new therapies for infantile spasms, including treatments with disease modifying potential, which are currently under development. Dr Galanopoulou is currently leading the preclinical studies of EpiBioS4Rx NINDS-funded center without walls to identify treatments that prevent post-traumatic epilepsy. These studies have received research funding by NINDS, the US Department of Defense, the Infantile Spasms Initiative from CURE, Autism Speaks and multiple other sources.

Dr Galanopoulou is currently the chair of the Neurobiology Commission of the ILAE, co-chair of the ILAE/AES Joint Translational Research Task Force, and co-Editor-in-Chief of Epilepsia Open. She received the Ambassador for Epilepsy Award by the ILAE in 2015 and the Saul R. Korey Award in Translational Science and Medicine in 2017.

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