Dear Colleagues and Friends,


It is our great pleasure to welcome you to the 12th International Epilepsy Colloquium - "Treatment challenges in pediatric & adolescent epilepsies" held in Lyon (France) from May 26 to May 28, 2019


These International Epilepsy Colloquia are a joint initiative from several major epilepsy centers: Cleveland’s Case Western Reserve University and University Hospitals Case Medical Center (USA), the Grenoble University Hospital and Lyon University Hospital (France) and the Frankfurt Epilepsy Center (Germany). Recently, the Erlangen Epilepsy Center (Germany) and the UCL London epilepsy Center (UK) joined the initiative.


Since 2008, this consortium has successfully organized annual focused meetings, which addressed major topics in the field of clinical epileptology and epilepsy surgery, including:


  • The Mesial Temporal Lobe Epilepsies (Marburg, June 2008);
  • Pediatric Epilepsy Surgery (Lyon, May 2009);
  • Extra-Temporal Lobe Epilepsies (Cleveland, May 2010);
  • Epilepsy Surgery for Remote Symptomatic Epilepsies (Marburg, June 2011);
  • Pediatric Epilepsy Surgery (Lyon, May 2012);
  • Tumoral Epilepsy and Epilepsy Surgery (Cleveland, May 2013);
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic use of invasive electrodes (Marburg, May 2014);
  • Frontal Lobe Epilepsies: from childhood to adulthood (Grenoble, June 2015);
  • Epilepsy in Acquired Etiologies (London, June 2016)
  • The Surgical and Medical Management of Intractable Focal Epilepsy (Miami, June 2017)
  • Individualized Epilepsy Management: medicines, surgery and beyond (Frankfurt, March 2018)

Several of these Colloquia resulted in books or special issues in international journals. 


In continuity with the Lyon Colloquia tradition, issues related to children and adolescents with epilepsy will hold a prominent place in the 2019 edition of the International Epilepsy Colloquia (12th). It will aim to intensively discuss state-of-the-art medical and surgical treatment. Challenges related to genetics and epilepsy surgery, as well as etiology and/or phenomenology oriented diagnosis and treatment decisions will be on the forefront. The closing sessions will address future treatment alternatives in children and discuss European and international initiatives and guidelines supporting pediatric epilepsy surgery.


As in our previous editions, a large amount of time will be devoted to discussion. Eminent international key opinion leaders have agreed to speak and to provide their expertise in the field.


We also invite you to submit abstracts for posters, a source for additional challenging debates.


We are confident that you will enjoy the lectures and actively participate to the debates. 


On behalf of the Local Scientific Committee,


Alexis Arzimanoglou - Edouard Hirsch - Philippe Kahane - Philippe Ryvlin





A second opinion: How EU networks share knowledge to save lives.

In Europe, there are around 30 million people living with rare diseases and conditions,
but no country alone has the knowledge or capacity to treat them.
In 2017, medical practitioners representing 28 centres in 13 EU countries helped a family doctor diagnose and decide on treatment for a child with a rare case of epilepsy.

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